GRAMMAR EASY: To be going to
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To Be Going To - tương lai

Cấu trúc
1. Những câu nào với auxiliary verb will đều có thể thay thế bằng cụm từ be going to: I will travel -> I am going to travel.
2. Cả hai đều là sẽ, tuy có hơi khác ở cách dùng.

Will: tình nguyện
. I will send you the information when I get it.
. I will translate the email, so Mr. Smith can read it.
. Will you help me move this heavy table?
. Will you make dinner?
. I will not do your homework for you.
. I won't do all the housework myself!

A: I'm really hungry.
B: I'll make some sandwiches.
A: I'm so tired. I'm about to fall asleep.
B: I'll get you some coffee.
A: The phone is ringing.
B: I'll get it.

hay hứa hẹn
. I will call you when I arrive.
. If I am elected President of the United States, I will make sure everyone has access to inexpensive health insurance.
. I promise I will not tell him about the surprise party.
. Don't worry, I'll be careful.
. I won't tell anyone your secret.

Be going to: dự định, sắp sửa
. He is going to spend his vacation in Hawaii.
. She is not going to spend her vacation in Hawaii.
. I'm going to be an actor when I grow up.
. Michelle is going to begin medical school next year.
. They are going to drive all the way to Alaska.
. Who are you going to invite to the party?

A: When are we going to meet each other tonight?
B: We are going to meet at 6 PM.
A: Who is going to make John's birthday cake?
B: Sue is going to make John's birthday cake.

1. Đọc và hiểu bài giảng.
2. Dịch thoáng những thí dụ.
3. Làm bài tập ở những links:
. http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/verbs18.htm
. http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/verbs19.htm
. http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/verbs20.htm
4. Reply cho biết đã học và làm bài.

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Snow đã học và làm bài tâp.

Link thứ 1: được 85%
Link thứ 2: 58%, do làm sai 2 và mấy câu viết sai chính tả nên coi như là sai luôn
Link thứ 3: 95%

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Có cố gắng là giỏi.

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snow cảm ơn cochin

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Chờ 1, 2 ngày quay lại làm lại.

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Em đã làm đi làm lại tới lần thứ 3, nhưng sao cái link thứ nhất cũng vẫn không đúng hết.

Will / Be Going To

Correct! Well done.
Your score is 98%.

1. A: Why are you holding a piece of paper?
B: I (write) am going to write a letter to my friends back home in Texas.

2. A: I'm about to fall asleep. I need to wake up!
B: I (get) will get you a cup of coffee. That will wake you up.

3. A: I can't hear the television!
B: I (turn) will turn it up so you can hear it.

4. We are so excited about our trip next month to France. We (visit) are going to visit Paris, Nice and Grenoble.

5. Sarah (come) will come to the party. Oliver (be) will be there as well.

6. Ted: It is so hot in here!
Sarah: I (turn) will turn the air-conditioning on.

7. I think he (be) will be the next President of the United States.

8. After I graduate, I (attend) am going to attend medical school and become a doctor. I have wanted to be a doctor all my life.

9. A: Excuse me, I need to talk to someone about our hotel room. I am afraid it is simply too small for four people.
B: That man at the service counter (help) will help you.

10. As soon as the weather clears up, we (walk) are going to walk down to the beach and go swimming.

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admin không hiểu. Nhưng nếu đúng hết thì quá giỏi rồi.

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Em làm nhưng chỉ hiểu lỏm bỏm nội dung, chưa thuộc từ và đương nhiên không thuộc câu. Híc.

Verb Tense Exercise 19

Will / Be Going To

Correct! Well done.
Your score is 97%.

Mark: What are you doing with those scissors?
Beth: I (cut) am going to cut that picture of the ocean out of the travel magazine.
Mark: What (you, do) are you going to do with it?
Beth: I (paint) am going to paint a watercolor of the ocean for my art class, and I thought I could use this photograph as a model.

Mark: (you, do) Will you do me a favor, Sam?
Sam: Sure, what do you want me to do?
Mark: I (change) am going to change the broken light bulb in the lamp above the dining room table. I need someone to hold the ladder for me while I am up there.
Sam: No problem, I (hold) will hold it for you.

Gina: Where are you going?
Ted: I (go) am going to go to the store to pick up some groceries.
Gina: What (you, get) are you going to get?
Ted: I (buy) am going to buy some milk, some bread, and some coffee.

John: Wow, it's freezing out there.
Jane: I (make) will make some coffee to warm us up. Do you want a piece of pie as well?
John: Coffee sounds great! But I (have) am going to have dinner with some friends later, so I'd better skip the pie.
Jane: I (go) am going to go to dinner tonight too, but I'm having a piece of pie anyway.

Frank: I heard you're taking a Spanish class at the community college.
Tom: Yeah, I (go) am going to go to Guatemala next spring and I thought knowing a little Spanish would make the trip easier.
Frank: I (visit) am going to visit my brother in Marseilles next year. Maybe I should take a French class.
Tom: I have a course catalog in the other room. I (go) will go get it, and we can see whether or not they're offering a French course next semester.

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Cái này em bó toàn thân luôn rồi.

Verb Tense Exercise 20

Will / Be Going To

Your score is 83%.

Some of your answers are incorrect. Incorrect answers have been left in place for you to change.
Michael: Do you think the Republicans or the Democrats (win) will win the next election?
Jane: I think the Republicans (win) will win the next election.
John: No way! The Democrats (win) will win.

Susan: We (go)....... camping this weekend. Would you like to come along?
Sam: That sounds great, but I don't have a sleeping bag.
Susan: No problem. I (lend) will lend you one. My family has tons of camping gear.

Barbara: I (buy) am going to buy a new car this weekend, but I'm a little worried because I don't really know much about cars. I'm afraid the salesman (try) will try to take advantage of me when he sees how little I know.
Dave: I used to work for a mechanic in high school and I know a lot about cars. I (go) will go with you to make sure you are not cheated.

Gina: Fred and I (visit) are going to visit Santa Fe next summer. Have you ever been there?
Margaret: My family lives in Santa Fe! I (give) will give you my parents' phone number. When you get to Santa Fe, just call them and they (give) will give you a little tour of the town. They can show you some of the sights that most tourists never see.

Pam: Can you see my future in the crystal ball? What (happen).......... next year?
Fortune Teller: You (meet) will meet a man from the East Coast, perhaps New York or maybe Boston. You (marry) will marry that mystery man.
Pam: Forget the man! I want to know if I (get) will get a new job.

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Quay lại sau. Cứ học tới đi.
Keep moving.

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Dạ, vài hôm nữa snow sẽ làm lại. Mới đầu năm chưa dám làm lại, vì sợ vần còn sai, không lấy hên được đầu năm. Nên chỉ học ôn bài đã học cho chắc ăn.

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làm đúng thêm 1 câu, được 92 điểm:

Susan: We (go) are going to go camping this weekend. Would you like to come along?

Còn 1 câu nữa mò quài không ra! Hix...

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Hoan hô!
95 điểm rùi.

Pam: Can you see my future in the crystal ball? What (happen) is going to happen next year?

Bây giờ có thể update bài này rồi! :)

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chauongco đã làm xong 3 bài tập:

- Link thứ 1: lần đầu viết sai chính tả nên chỉ được 92 điểm.
Lần thứ 2 làm lại được 100 điểm.

- Link thứ 2: làm đi làm lại hoài mà vẫn sai câu thứ 2
Mark: (you, do) ---------- me a favor, Sam?

Cuối cùng phải copy bài làm của bạn phuong5960 mới được 100 điểm.
(nhờ thầy, cô giải thích dùm tại sao phải dùng Will you do me a favor? mà không dùng Can/May you do me a favor?)

- Link thứ 3: làm lần đầu tiên là đúng 100%.

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(nhờ thầy, cô giải thích dùm tại sao phải dùng Will you do me a favor? mà không dùng Can/May you do me a favor?)

Bài tập là thực hành phân biệt giữa WillTo be going to, tại sao lại hỏi Can và May?

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GRAMMAR EASY: To be going to
1, 2, 3


1. To be - thì là
2. To be - It's easy
3. To be - Video
4. To be - đang làm
5. To be - bị được
6. To be - quá khứ
7. To be - tương lai
8. To be going to
9. To be - câu cú
10. To be - Review

20. To do - Trợ động từ
21. To have - Rồi Chưa

25.1 Verb - Chia động từ
25.2 Verb - 5 Thể
26. Verb - Bất quy tắc
27. Verb - Trợ động từ
27.1 Verb - Can
27.2 Verb - May
27.3 Verb - Will
27.4 Verb - Shall
27.5 Verb - Must
27.6 Verb - Have to
+27.7 :Verb - Ought to:

+28. Verb - Gerund
+28.1 Verb - Verbal Noun
+29. Verb - Conditional

+30. :Từ vựng văn phạm:
31. Sentence
31.1 Questions - Yes No
31.1.1 Yes No
31.1.3 Very
31.1.4 Very Too So

31.2.1 -er -est
31.2.2 more most
31.2.3 less least
31.2.4 as as
31.2.5 good better best
31.2.6 bad worse worst

31.3.1 Something Nothing Anything
31.3.2 Some No Any

31.4.1 Dịch Anh/Viet 1
31.4.2 Dịch Anh/Viet 2
31.4.3 Dịch Anh/Viet 3
31.5 Questions - WH
31.6 Questions - Choice

32 Adjective

33.1 Both .. And
33.2 Either .. Or
33.3 Neither .. Nor
+33.4 :Both Either Neither
+33.5 :Both of
+33.6 :All None
+33.7 :Quantifiers

+40. :Numbers & Order
+40.1 :Used to - Đã nhưng không còn:
+40.2 :To be used to - Quen thuộc:

70. feel look seem smell sound taste
71.1 THERE - Có
71.2 IT - Trời
+80. :Mệnh đề:
+81. :Tense Voice Mood:

90.1 Cách thêm s (1)
90.2 Cách thêm s (2)
90.3 Cách thêm s (3)
90.4 Cách đọc chữ s
91. Cách đọc động từ "-ed"

100.1 Noun
100.2 Countable & Uncountable noun (1)
100.3 Một số giới từ theo sau động từ
100.4 Cụm động từ 3 từ trong tiếng Anh

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