GRAMMAR EASY: To Be - tương lai
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To Be - tương lai

Tiếng Việt - sẽ
Người Việt mình muốn nói gì về tương lai thì chỉ thêm sẽ (trước ) là xong, thí dụ như:
• Tôi là sinh viên -> Tôi sẽ là sinh viên.
• Cô bé ấy đẹp -> Khi lớn lên cô bé ấy sẽ đẹp.

In English, cũng tương tự, chỉ thêm will trước be là xong, thí dụ như:
• Tôi sẽ cao -> I will be tall.
• Anh sẽ thấp -> You will be short.
• Cô ta sẽ đẹp -> She will be beautiful.

To be - table
I am tall.        I will be tall.
You are short. You will be short.
She is beautiful. She will be beautiful.

We are champions. We will be champions.
You are heroes. You will be heroes.
They are losers. They will be losers.

1. Nhẩm đọc cái table cho thành thói quen.
2. Đặt 10 câu "to be" ở thì tương lai.

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To be - tương lai

1/ The young boy will be a monk .
2/ It will be a problem between of us.
3/ She will be better after taking rest
4/ Weather will be colder in February.
5/ He will be there after 7 PM.
6/ Cost living will be higher after Luna Tet
7/ He will be well-known
8/ You will be a good lawyer
9/ They will be happy to work together
10/ We will be the good neighbor

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To be - tương lai


01. The children will be higher if they regularly drink milk.
02. She will be healthier after her vacation.
03. My son will be strong because he exercises every day.
04. This girl will be nice when she grows up.
05. Spaghetti will be delicious when we eat it and salad together.
06. My car will be new if I take good care of it.
07. I will be fine after a good sleep.
08. Her beauty will be fade.
09. Everything will be old.
10. All of unhappyness will pass.

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To be - tương lai

1. If I can’t finish this exercise, admin will be sad and bored.

2. admin said: Cột will be good in English at the end of the year.

3. If Cột will try to study, she will be good at the end.

4. The weather will be hot this summer.

5. It will be cold in Winter.

6. They will be hard to learn English without friends.

7. My brother will be glad to meet his son on Tet Holiday.

8. I will be happy to see my pupils after Tet.

9. The road will be empty on Tet Holiday.

10. My motorcycle will be new after washing.

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My daughter will be a manager.
They will be better after this examination.
These students will be funny because they are going to cinema tonight.
She will be a good singer.
I will be there at 7.30.
My parents will be happy with their birthday gifts
The cats will be cared by mommy.
My test will be good if I study carefully
He will be strong when he does gým everyday
We will be happy if we meet ours friends next Sunday

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They will be pass this examination
These students will be go to cinema tonight
My parents will be going to Singapore next month
The cats will be sleep on the sofa
The train will be stop at here
He will be married Kathy
We will be to visit ours friends next Sunday
Những câu trên sai. "To be" có nghĩa "thì, là", "will be" có nghĩa "sẽ là" không thể có động từ theo sau. "Sẽ là" cái gì đó như "sè là manager" hay "sẽ là" ra sao như "sẽ đẹp". Thật ra có thể có nhưng không phải như vậy. Sẽ học sau.

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duty348 đã hiểu và sửa lại bài. Thanks.

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1. It will be rain this afternoon.
2. I wish I will be a teacher.
3. I think, He will be a good dentist at college.
4. She will be in San Fancisco on next week.
5. They will be a football team.
6. We're going to the theatre tonight.
7. I will be get driving license for 2 weeks.
8. The truck will cross that corner.
9. Will you be at home 6:30 PM ?
10. He's going to bed early tonight.

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7. I will get driving license for 2 weeks.

Không có "to be"?

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       To be - Tương Lai
1. Tomorrow will be another cold day.
2. It will be a big change.
3. There will be more chances in my life.
4. I'll be in DaNang city between the 1st and 10th of next month.
5. Hopefully it's will be a nice day on my birthday.
7. I'll be on my vocation for the next three weeks.
8. You will be promoted If you work hard
9. They will be marry soon.
10. I will be there at this afternoon

Whatever will be, will be

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thank you admin a lot

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1. I will be technician.
2. My first son will be engineer.
3. My second son will be captain.
4. My wife will be employee.
5. I will be rich.
6. We will be enjoy.
7. They will be happy.
8. you will be handsome.
9. He will be good father.
10.She will be good mother.

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1. I will be a technician.
2. My first son will be an engineer.
3. My second son will be a captain.
4. My wife will be an employee.

6. We will be enjoying.

8. you will be handsome.
9. He will be a good father.
10.She will be a good mother.

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GRAMMAR EASY: Tobe-tương lai
1/ She will be on a special diet.
2/ She will be slender.
3/ He will be honest with his closefriend.
4/ The spring will be lively with many flowers.
5/ She will be faithful with her darling.
6/ We will be stronger when we do exercise everyday.
7/ The transsportation will be easier after the rush hour.
8/ She will be travelling outside my state in last year.
9/ She will be staying for two weeks.
10/ We will be able to visit together.
Hello everybody!

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To Be - Tương lai

My son will be become a engineer.
My daughter will be grow a dortor.
DALAT will be very warm in the spring.
They will be happy ì have gift their.
Iwill be happy when my husband give me giffton my brithday.
My brother will be very funny on the his weadding party.
We will be succeed if try to learn.
I will be leave my house at 7 o'clock.
We will to buy the new car.
The weather will be very romantic this autunm.
Everybody will be sad when have to say good bye.

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GRAMMAR EASY: To Be - tương lai
1, 2, 3


1. To be - thì là
2. To be - It's easy
3. To be - Video
4. To be - đang làm
5. To be - bị được
6. To be - quá khứ
7. To be - tương lai
8. To be going to
9. To be - câu cú
10. To be - Review

20. To do - Trợ động từ
21. To have - Rồi Chưa

25.1 Verb - Chia động từ
25.2 Verb - 5 Thể
26. Verb - Bất quy tắc
27. Verb - Trợ động từ
27.1 Verb - Can
27.2 Verb - May
27.3 Verb - Will
27.4 Verb - Shall
27.5 Verb - Must
27.6 Verb - Have to
+27.7 :Verb - Ought to:

+28. Verb - Gerund
+28.1 Verb - Verbal Noun
+29. Verb - Conditional

+30. :Từ vựng văn phạm:
31. Sentence
31.1 Questions - Yes No
31.1.1 Yes No
31.1.3 Very
31.1.4 Very Too So

31.2.1 -er -est
31.2.2 more most
31.2.3 less least
31.2.4 as as
31.2.5 good better best
31.2.6 bad worse worst

31.3.1 Something Nothing Anything
31.3.2 Some No Any

31.4.1 Dịch Anh/Viet 1
31.4.2 Dịch Anh/Viet 2
31.4.3 Dịch Anh/Viet 3
31.5 Questions - WH
31.6 Questions - Choice

32 Adjective

33.1 Both .. And
33.2 Either .. Or
33.3 Neither .. Nor
+33.4 :Both Either Neither
+33.5 :Both of
+33.6 :All None
+33.7 :Quantifiers

+40. :Numbers & Order
+40.1 :Used to - Đã nhưng không còn:
+40.2 :To be used to - Quen thuộc:

70. feel look seem smell sound taste
71.1 THERE - Có
71.2 IT - Trời
+80. :Mệnh đề:
+81. :Tense Voice Mood:

90.1 Cách thêm s (1)
90.2 Cách thêm s (2)
90.3 Cách thêm s (3)
90.4 Cách đọc chữ s
91. Cách đọc động từ "-ed"

100.1 Noun
100.2 Countable & Uncountable noun (1)
100.3 Một số giới từ theo sau động từ
100.4 Cụm động từ 3 từ trong tiếng Anh

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