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Lưu ý: Để vấn đề tư vấn di trú có hữu hiệu hồ sơ này chỉ để dùng hỏi và đáp câu hỏi di trú mà thôi. Tâm sự thì vào đây nha: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=13188. Vậy hén.

Chào chú Hùng Việt!!!
Cho con xin hỏi là hiện giờ vợ con bên canada chuẩn bị làm hồ sơ bảo lãnh cho con, nhưng income của vợ con khai chỉ có 10k CAD. Vậy vợ con có nên nộp hồ sơ ko? Hay là đợi qua năm 2013 khai income lại rùi mới nôp. Con có đọc qua 1 số thông tin dc biết là bảo lãnh diện vc ko cần chứng minh thu nhập phải ko a??
-Con thấy trong trang CIC để thời gian xử lý là 22 tháng, cho con hỏi là 22 tháng để hoàn tất hồ sơ phải ko ạ? Con không hiểu cái mốc thời gian 22 tháng lămlam81.
Mong chú phản hồi sớm. Chúc sức khoẻ chú!

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Chào bạn,

Vợ bạn có thể nộp đơn bảo lãnh bạn dù thu nhập chỉ có khoảng 10 000 $. Diện vợ chồng không cần thu nhập miễn sao đừng ăn trợ cấp xã hội.

Thời gian xử lý 22 tháng là tính từ ngày High Commission of Canada tại Singapore nhận được giấy tờ do CIC ở Mississauga chuyển qua cho đến lúc giấy tờ hoàn tất. Bạn phải cộng thêm thời gian xử lý ở CIC tại Mississauga.

Thân chào bạn. Chúc bạn gặp nhiều may mắn.

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Cám ơn chú Hùng Việt rất nhiều! Bên CIC update thời gian lại còn 21 tháng rồi :D

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Chào Chú Hùng Việt!!!
Vợ em đã gửi hồ sơ cho bên missiissauga tới nay cũng dc 2 tháng rưỡi rồi, mà sao chưa thấy hồi âm gì hết???
thưa chú cho con hỏi là có cách nào để kiểm trả ko ả

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hồ sơ của chị cũng cùng thời gian với ẹm Em vào đây kiểm tra nè :
http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/informatio ... erm-fc.asp

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Em mới nhận dc 1 email của bên singapore với nội dung như thế này:
From: <re-singapore-im-enquiry@international.gc.ca>
Date: November 25, 2013 at 2:12:40 AM EST
To: <huynhngocbich1986@yahoo.com>
Subject: Permanent residence - Findec VN xPA F000130007/HII

Dear Mr Huynh, Dieu Duong

This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada .

Your application for a permanent resident visa is nearly complete. In order to proceed towards issuance of your permanent resident visa with minimal delay, you must follow the steps outlined below.

Note: This letter is not a guarantee that a permanent resident visa will be issued. Upon receipt of items requested below, a final review will be done to determine if you meet all eligibility requirements and are not inadmissible to Canada.

MEDICAL EXAMINATION: You must undergo a NEW medical examination as the last one had expired. Form and instruction were emailed earlier. You must take your passport(s) with you when you go for the medical examination.

You are also required to submit additional documents to our office. The required documents are listed below. You will want to begin preparing these documents now. Wait two weeks after completing your medical examination and all required lab tests, then submit all the documents in one envelope, together with your passport(s), to this office.

Exception: If the Panel Physician (PP) advises you that further medical tests are required, do not submit your passport(s) at this time but let us know about this. Please proceed to submit the other required documents, and we will request your passport(s) once satisfactory medical results are available.


ü Original and updated Good Conduct Certificate(s) (or Certificate of No Criminal Record) No. 2 from the police authorities of Vietnam. A certificate is required from the police authorities in all countries where you have resided for a period of six months or more since turning 18.

Residents of Vietnam should obtain police clearance certificates from the Judicial Department at your city or provincial level.

ü Updated Schedule A Background/Declaration IMM5669 form for yourself. Download the form from www.cic.gc.ca

1) When submitting your passport(s), please fill out the form we have included with this letter (Appendix ‘A’) and return it to us with passport(s) for you, your spouse, and dependent children.

We do not require passports for your spouse or dependent children if they will not accompany you to Canada.

2) Enclose valid, original passports for you and everyone in your family who is accompanying you to Canada. If you or your dependants currently hold a valid temporary resident visa, study permit or work permit in an expired passport, please submit it with your current passport.

DIPLOMATIC / OFFICIAL passport(s) are NOT acceptable for immigration to Canada.

Text Box: Important notes about Visa and Passport validity

You should ensure that everyone in your family has a passport valid for a minimum of 12 months from the date of the most recent full medical examination. Visas can only be issued to a maximum validity of 12 months from the date of your most recent Immigration Medical Examination (IME) assessment. (If your family has medical examinations on different dates, the validity of your visas will be 12 months from the date of the first assessment). If any one of your passports will expire before 12 months from the date of the medical examination, your visas will expire on the date of the first passport to expire. If your passports are due to expire, it is in your interest to obtain new or updated passports to ensure your visas are issued with maximum validity.

3) Check that you have enough blank pages in your passports so we may affix your permanent resident visas, if issued.

Passports for children (see separate note for Bangladesh):
If any of your children do not have their own passports but are included in the passport of you or your spouse, a separate visa will be inserted for each child. A blank page is required for each visa issued.

For Bangladesh ONLY:
You must ensure that every person included in your application possesses their own passport.

4) Select the most reliable means of delivery when submitting your passport(s). (See attached Appendix ‘B’ for specific information about sending passports from your country).

If you choose to hire a commercial courier, you do so at your own risk and expense. This office will not be responsible for any fees connected to a courier hired by you.

Text Box: Canada’s immigration law requires that you continue to meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act throughout the immigration process up to and including the date you arrive in Canada. This means you are required to inform this office, in writing, of any of the following circumstances:

✔ A change in your marital status (marriage, separation, divorce)

✔ A change in your family size (birth or death of a child or spouse)

✔ A criminal charge or conviction for you or any member of your family

✔ Death of your sponsor (Family Class applications)

You must comply with the above requirements within sixty days (60) from the date of this letter. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the refusal of your application.

All documents that are not in either English or French must be accompanied by a certified translation. It is your responsibility to notify this office of any change in your /sponsor's mailing/email addresses, contact numbers, marital status, family configuration, or employment or educational status.

To assist with the review of your documents, please quote the above file number on all pages of your correspondence and include a copy of this email/letter with your submission.

Moving to Canada is an exciting opportunity but also a great challenge. Find what to expect in your first few weeks of coming to Canada and learn how to find a place to live, get around your new city, work and go to school and connect with your community. You will also find information on Canadian laws, health care and how to get help settling in Canada. Access the Welcome to Canada guide on the Citizenship & Immigration Canada website: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/ ... /index.asp.

Appendix ‘A’

Please complete this form for yourself, your spouse and dependent children.
Return the completed form to us with your passport(s). Do NOT send passports for non-accompanying family members.

Giờ em phải làm sao??? Vì lúc trước v/c em tự làm giấy tờ ko có thông qua 1 dịch vụ nào cả? Xin các anh chị giúp em.

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Chuc mung vo chong ban da duoc mien phong van.

Bay gio vo ban lam theo huong dan nhu email nay, len IOM de dang ky kham suc khoe va dem theo ho chieu con thoi han hon 12 thang cung voi phu luc A down ve theo huong dan.

Dong thoi len so tu phap lam don xin cap ly lich tu phap so 2. Sau do dich cong chung luon, o so tu phap cung co dich vu nay.

Sau 2 tuan kham suc khoe ma bac si ko lien he thong bao phai lam them test nao thi ban gui pp voi ly lich tu phap, phu luc A sang Sing. Tat ca nhung viec nay ban nen lien he IOM de ho huong dan ban thuc hien. Co the se mat phi nhung se day du va chinh xac ban nhe.

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cám ơn anh, sáng này e mới lên IOM khám sức khoẻ lại, nhân viên của IOM cũng đã hướng dẫn e như anh đã nói.

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Ban oi Hs ban sang Sing thang 9-2012 phai ko?

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Anh Dương ơi cho em xin Yahoo của anh em hỏi tí được không ạ?
Hay anh add nick em nhe truongkhanh27ag

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@hoahager :Đúng rồi, giấy tờ e nộp tháng 7/2012 tới sing là tháng 9/2012.

@hendykhanh: yh mình thì y như tên nick.

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Anh Dương em có PM anh trên yahoo anh có thấy không và trên facebook nữa nếu có trả lời dùm em nhe. Cám ơn anh

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